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TRD News #54 Seat Brackets

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TRD News #54 Seat Brackets Empty TRD News #54 Seat Brackets

Post  Admin Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:09 pm

- Chaser Cresta Mark Ⅱ (JZX10 # / GX100/LX100) Seat Bracket Set for Launch

This time, Toyota (Ltd) · TRD in, Ⅱ mark only sport seats now on sale - Chaser Cresta (JZX10 # / GX100/LX100) to set up additional sets of brackets for the seat, Toyota dealers nationwide, Toyota Japan共販 parts shop, store cockpit National Museum, tires, motor sports shops and well known throughout the country Amurakkusukorekushon, we launched a new.
TRD sport seats, light weight, high rigidity, while providing a high level of performance that the original sport bucket seats hold good, full-fledged improved by everyday convenience we have a comfortable reclining mechanism The sports seats.

The seat bracket sets, sports seats mark this TRD Ⅱ, Chaser, and Cresta exclusive parts mounted to, and meet all safety regulations to meet the technical standards, and product safety standards with a certificate of conformance.

Seat Bracket Set ■ (71100-SP020 sports seats only)
Car Name Model No. Price Remarks
Mark Ⅱ
Chaser Cresta JZX10 #
LX100 72101-JX000 14,000 yen For the right seat
72102-JX000 For the left seat

※ Because the built-in seat side airbags Akira Makoto, TRD Sport driver's seat and the seat the seat, and passenger side airbag features are lost.
The side airbag warning lamp when the driver's seat and passenger seat airbag main will remain lit will function properly. (Certificate of Compliance with Safety Standards)

■ sports seats
No. Price Remarks
71100-SP020 84,000 Color: Black / Grey Fabric: Fabric

※ Prices are suggested retail price without tax.
※ If you would like a catalog, address, name, age, Tamotsu Tokoro car (model) on the catalog clearly state the type and enclose 3 80 yen stamp or envelope with your request, your local dealer Please inquire.
■ Contact Toyota (Co) · TRD
〒 222-0002 800 Morooka, Kohoku-ku Yokohama city
TEL045-540-2121 FAX045-540-2122


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