TRD 2000GT
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Front Indicator Removal

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Front Indicator Removal Empty Front Indicator Removal

Post  Admin Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:58 am

Use an ordinary knife or screwdriver covered with a duster to protect the plastic from scratching and ease out the dummy light cover (piece nearest the wheel arch that doesn't light up) by inserting the knife between the 2 pieces. On older cars you may need to use quite a bit of force.

Front Indicator Removal FrontIndicatorLHSide003

Undo the screw that is now exposed then th eunit can be pulled out.

Front Indicator Removal FrontIndicatorLHSide002

This is also how you remove the bumper strip that runs between the light an dthe wheel arch. Notice the screw that needs undoing.

Front Indicator Removal ExhaustComparison122


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