TRD 2000GT
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TRD2000GT #22 (Red)

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TRD2000GT #22 (Red) Empty TRD2000GT #22 (Red)

Post  ayresyboy Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:23 pm

Unsure of authenticity as it is left hand drive.  But photos were taken in Japan.

Looks like an n/a with the flat engine lid.

TRD2000GT #22 (Red) FB_IMG_1444370367437_zpsvttgwndd[/url]

TRD2000GT #22 (Red) FB_IMG_1444370423891_zps3bai1erz[/url]

TRD2000GT #22 (Red) FB_IMG_1444370460643_zps5hht3x6l[/url]

TRD2000GT #22 (Red) FB_IMG_1444376041089_zpszmbnjusb

TRD2000GT #22 (Red) FB_IMG_1444376051166_zpsd98qk5si

TRD2000GT #22 (Red) FB_IMG_1444376060972_zpseqlg9dqm[/URL]

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TRD2000GT #22 (Red) Empty Re: TRD2000GT #22 (Red)

Post  Admin Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:55 am

Curious one that. I wonder if its a member of the US forces stationed there and hence the left hand drive????

As far as I know its very difficult to import a car into Japan


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