For Sale - Sparco Racing Mesh 8x16 and 9x16

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For Sale - Sparco Racing Mesh 8x16 and 9x16

Post  Fitz on Thu Nov 21, 2013 1:43 pm

On my car at the moment are Sparco Racing 'Mesh' wheels which were on the car when it was imported from Japan. Obviously these will be no good to me on the TRD2000GT so they are here by for sale. They're in good nick, couple of scuffs, 8x16" with 205/45/16 front and 9x16" with 225/45/16 rear, pretty much as new Avon ZZ3 tyres. Avon ZZ3's are my new favourite tyre and I'll be getting them on the new wheels I get. they're my new favourite because they produce no noise at all, wet/dry, forwards/sidewards there is no tyre squeal at all; it's really refreshing to be able to arse about without huge stupid tyre squeal. I had Toyo Proxes TR1's on my GT4 and they were embarrassing; good but embarrising.

So, I don't know because you never see them for sale really, £550ono? I'm in Essex, collection only, PM me if you know anyone who's interested they'll be off the car when I take it off road for the winter in December then shortly after they'll be on ebay.


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