TRD Sports Seat - Repairing Hole in Fabric

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TRD Sports Seat - Repairing Hole in Fabric

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:14 pm

If you have any small holes in the fabric of your seat before you go to the expense of having them recovered try one of the those "smart repair" kits - I got mine off eBay.

The holes i wanted to fix...

One smart repair kit off ebay for £11

Lots of colours are supplied but I just used black and white which you out in a tub with a ball bearing in and shake to mix up

Double check colour against seat and add more black/white as neccessary

Fill the holes with glue

Add the fibres over the hole and using a piece of gauze they supply (not pictured) press the fibres down into the glue

After its dried just vacuum off excess

I used a pencil to to try and reinstate the holes

Not perfect but I hope youll agree its a big improvement :-)


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