TRD Sports Seat - Installation Using TRD Seat Brackets

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TRD Sports Seat - Installation Using TRD Seat Brackets

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:24 pm

To make it easier to remove the seat from the car push the headrest down as far as possible so the seat is as short as possible - theres a small clip on the top of the seat you push in to allow it to go down.

With the seat moved as far forward as possible undo the nut securing the slider to the transmission tunnel

Undo the 2 nuts securing the rear of the seat

With the 2 rear nuts and the nut on the transmission tunnel removed slide the seat as far back as possible in order to remove the nuts holding the front of the seat. A cap covering the nut closest to the transmission tunnel has to be prised off with a flat bladed screwdriver then remove this nut.

Before you can remove the outer nut (RHD car shown blelow) you have to undo the petrol/gas flap and boot/trunk release surround. This is held on by a small cross head screw (undone by the blue screwdriver in pic) and a large slotted plastic "screw" hidden under the the 2 levers (undone by the red screwdriver in pic).

Once the 2 screws are removed the plastic surround can be moved out the way and the final bolt undone.

Tip the seat towards the inside of the car and with access to the bottom of it unplug the seat belt warning cable from the seat. You should now be able to remove the seat from the car.

TRD originally supplied a set of seat brackets applicable to the (Toyota) car you were fitting the seats into - there are 4 brackets per seat for the SW20 MR2 which allegedly make the seat sit 10mm below stock (according to TRD catalogue)

2 fronts

and 2 rear

The actual TRD seat has 2 studs at each corner that these brackets are bolted onto

Secure each bracket in turn to each corner with 2 nuts - note that although the brackets look very similar no 2 are alike!!! (to skew the seat into the right position).

The old seat belt retainer along with the seat belt warning light cable needs to be removed from your old seat and attached to the TRD seat

Installation is pretty much reversal of removal but with the added complication that for the rear brackets you can no longer use a socket set and have to use a ring spanner in order to access the bolts holding the seat to the floor pan.

Tighten the 2 fronts 1st almost all the way but not quite so you can jiggle the rear holes to align them

Then do the rear using a ring spanner (a ratchet spanner makes it a lot quicker)

Most awkward one

Then reconnect seat warning cable, tighten up front bolts and put the petrol/gas and boot/trunk flap release surround back - voila!

NB. The bolt on the transmission tunnel is no longer used so just pop the nut back on and also you cant refit the plastic cap covering the front bracket near the transmission tunnel as the TRD brackets dont have the fixings to secure it.


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