Rear Spoiler Removal 93->

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Rear Spoiler Removal 93->

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:30 pm

93 onwards cars had a spoiler bolted to the rear boot/trunk via 3 bolts either side and were either a single piece for 93-98 cars or a "combat" style 3 piece spoiler for 98-> cars shown below which looks like a slimmed down version of a TRD spoiler. Either way the holes and removal technique are the same.

You'll need a 10mm deep reach socket to access the middle of the 3 bolts on either side.

Untighten the bolt but not completely all the way - just so its loose enough where you could undo it by holding the socket in your hand

Ive learnt this from experience I'm afraid but undo the final few turns by hand with the lid partly closed so when it comes loose the nut will drop into the socket

If you dont do this the nut will fall inside the lid webbing and the only way to get it out is to remove the lid and shake it out! grrrrr!!!!

undo the other bolt and the bolt/screw (3 bolts to undo either side in total) and it goes without saying to leave one in one side whilkst you undo the other side so it doesnt suddenly drop and scratch your engine cover.

It should then lift off with a bit of jiggling

As mentioned Rev3+ spoilers are one piece but a Rev5 spoiler can be broken down further by undoing the 2 screw caps and undoing the bolts inside

If the car is outside put some tape over the holes to stop the ingress of water.


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