Antenna/Aerial Removal From Rear Wing 93->

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Antenna/Aerial Removal From Rear Wing 93->

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:55 pm

To make life easier I bought one of these tools off eBay for a few dollars that allow you to use a spanner to unscrew the chrome cap - you can just use some grips with a cloth for protection but this is a safer option.

Pop it in place then unwind the thread (takes quite a few turns)

And off it pops along with the rubber seal

From inside the boot/trunk pull the carpet back - you'll need to push a screwdriver into the center of the trim clips then they should pull out - DONT TRY AND REMOVE CARPET BY JUST PULLING THE CLIP WITHOUT POPPING CENTRE - YOULL RIP THE FIBREBOARD BOOT LINER!

Once the motor is exposed undo the nut securing the motor unit to the bodywork

Disconnect the both the electrical supply and antenna leads then the unit can be extracted

If the car is outside put some tape over the hole to stop the ingress of water.


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