TRD Alumi-K Wheel/Lug Nuts

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TRD Alumi-K Wheel/Lug Nuts

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:39 pm

If your wondering which are the best wheel nuts for alumi-Ks I bought McGard ones but make sure you get the "ultra" that have a rotating collar to stop them being removed with a stud extractor. Came out top in an autoexpress product review

The ones I bought are slim 19mm for an aftermarket wheel:

Along with 16 x "69412" McGard tough nuts (from same seller above but you need to email him). £86 all in delivered or about £35 IIRC just for the locking nuts.

info on tough nuts:

NB for 21mm locking nuts to match standard nut sizes ones use 24195SL. If you buy the locking nut to match your wheel nut size you wont have to switch sockets to remove the locking nut/other nuts


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