Petrol/Gas/Fuel Filler Cap - Fitting

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Petrol/Gas/Fuel Filler Cap - Fitting

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:01 pm

First things first - you'll be surprised to learn that a genuine factory fitted TRD uses something that looks like a kitchen cabinet hinge for the filler cap!!!

Heres a genuine car:

As tempting as it is to go for something better I wanted to maintain that original look. I bought some kitchen cabinet hinges - had to buy about 5 different types before I got a suitable one! LOL

*** IMPORTANT *** Do this before the wing is bonded to the car so you have access to the rear of the hinge/flap.

I fitted the hinge to the cap first of all

I then drilled out some holes in the wing until I could push the hinge into the hole.

Once the hole was just big enough to push fit the hinge and the cap would sit flush I removed the hinge from the cap, covered it in masking tape and using plenty of filler I pushed the hinge into the hole and let it set.

Put some tape on the bodywork then a small bead of filler.

Refit the wing and let the filler go off - you should get a perfect seal against the bodywork.

When its removed just pull off the masking tape and smooth it all down.

The original catch gets recycled but you need to modify to trim the protuding part off.

With the hinge refitted you should have a working flap (the catch is not shown on this photo but that needs bolting back on).

Because its a kitchen hinge you should be able to move it slightly in both directions plus in and out to get the right fit.


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